Quality, imagination and originality: Giorgio G leather accessories, the details make the difference

In the fashion world, it is well-known that it is details that make a difference: accessories are the distinguishing elements of any look, particularly able to reflect the personality of the person wearing them and able to revolutionize and complete the most original outfits. 

Accessories are a top priority for those who love sophistication, elegance and flair: a scarf, a belt, a watch or jewelry can transform the most basic clothing into innovative, refined styles full of color, imagination and creativity.

Like clothing, there are true timeless, must-have accessories that represent the perfect combination of traditional and modern style: a leather belt for her and a luxury watch for him, indispensable articles for men and women who love to create glamourous, trendy  looks.

The Giorgio G line brings to life a collection of luxurious and original leather accessories for men and women: leather pieces of exceptional quality, made of elegant materials, refined and sewn by hand, ideal for any occasion and with 100% Made in Italy handmade artisan craftsmanship, truly unique style, able to enhance and put a twist on any look.

The Giorgio G brand is distinguished by attention to detail, precision and creativity used in making all of its products: the innovative manufacturing meshed with artisan techniques and innovative technology allows us to create authentic, distinct, timeless accessories of high quality, perfect for any event.


Wallets, leather belts, coin purses and keyholders, see what the 5 must-haves for her are among the Giorgio G collection of leather accessories:


A small wallet in genuine Italian leather, the Small Zip Around Wallet is a compact, slim leather accessory perfect to hold cash and credit cards. This item has fine, quality leather, embossed with a crocodile pattern which gives the piece a texture that’s nice to the touch. This small wallet is available in five different trendy colors: yellow, blue, brown, red and purple. A Giorgio G piece in leather, essential for women who love practicality, color and elegance.



A Giorgio G accessory for her, made of leather that is 100% Made in Italy, glamourous and colorful: the black and white python Exotic Belt is a perfect article to wear on any occasion. The red leather buckle makes the belt modern, trendy and creative, a true must-have for elegant women who love to stand out and not to go unnoticed.



The Croco Zip Wallet is a practical, luxurious, calfskin wallet embossed with a crocodile pattern: a convenient accessory, perfect for everyday use thanks to the spacious compartments for cash, coins and cards. This is a product that perfectly reflects Giorgio G’s high quality, made of fine leather able to withstand wear and keep its great flexibility. The Croco Wallet is one of the most elegant and luxurious leather accessories of the Giorgio G collection, an essential article for sophisticated, stylish women. 



The Fur Keychain, made of Murmansky fox fur, from the Giorgio G collection is a fun and colorful accessory, an article able to revolutionize even the most classic looks. Enhance your accessories with this fur keychain that can be used to lend some color to your handbag or simply as a keyholder. It’s available in four colors: pink, violet, merlot and light blue. A little piece perfect to lend color, originality and creativity to any feminine outfit.



The Giorgio G Coin Pouch is an accessory that’s small in size, made of real python skin: practical and elegant, it is the perfect item for women who love to be practical without sacrificing quality and elegance. Perfect to hold coins and keep them easily within reach, this leather accessory is available in five different colors: cream, cream grey, black, blue and red. A Giorgio G leather piece that is convenient and creative, essential for those who love glamourous accessories with a bit of flair.


Leather wallets, watches, cardholders and belts, let’s see what the 5 must-haves for him are, from the Giorgio G collection of leather accessories:


Belts are one of the essential articles for men who love style and elegance: the Weave Belt by Giorgio G is a luxurious and refined accessory perfect with all menswear. This leather belt with its plain buckle is made of the finest, high quality leather, 100% Made in Italy and is designed with a sophisticated, elegant weave pattern. The Weave Belt is available in the classic colors black and brown and is a an essential for men of class who enjoy attracting attention through high quality details.



The Giorgio G CC Six is a practical and convenient credit card holder for men who like to keep their wallets in order: made of Italian leather, the CC Six has 6 slots, two on one said and four on the other, in standard dimensions and perfect to keep all essential cards in one place. The card holder is also perfect for cash thanks to the slim center compartment and it is available in classic colors black and gray. The CC Six is one of the most practical and light leather accessories of the Giorgio G line, a truly essential article for men who love style and elegance.



The Multiple Wallet is an authentic and luxurious accessory for men: made exclusively of eel skin, it is ideal for carrying cash, credit cards and receipts, thanks to its spacious compartments. The exquisite eel skin gives this accessory a notable sheen, making it unique, rare and unparalleled. The Multiple model is an essential article for businessmen and men of class, available in classic colors, gray and navy blue.



Watches are the quintessential mens accessory: the Black G Timepiece is a watch from the Giorgio G line which combines creative Italian design and precise Swiss quartz movement. Giorgio G watches are assembled by hand with care and precision at a workshop located in Padua and they posses an unmistakable style distinguished by high quality materials and original, luxurious designs. The Black G Timepiece has roman numerals, with hands that turn round an elegant black face enclosed by a steel ring. The glass on the face is anti-scratch and the slim 40 mm case is made of shiny, polished stainless steel, and is water resistant up to 5 atmospheres. The qualifying element of the watch, in line with Giorgio G brand characteristics, is certainly the band, made of genuine black python skin with a practical butterfly closure. The Black G Timepiece is a timeless must-have perfect for men who love elegance, style and luxury.



If the luxury watch is one of the most essential articles for men of style, the Watch Case is doubtless a useful and necessary item to guarantee maximum protection for your valuable accessories. The Giorgio G line has designed a case for three watches made of real leather with crocodile embossing, lined inside and with a refined palladium click-closure with the logo engraved inside: an elegant piece, stylish and refined, a perfect solution for men who love to bring their favorite watches with them. This watch case is made in two classic colors, grey and blue, and constitutes one of the most distinct, sophisticated pieces for men from the Giorgio G line of leather accessories.