Welcome to Giorgio G

Giorgio G lives the tradition of fine artisan crafts and Italian style. We make classic and modern leather goods and accessories – from handbags to foulards, from purses to pochettes. We believe in beauty, attention to detail, and timeless elegance. Our heritage is Florence. This sumptuous Italian city has been a center of craftsmanship and art for centuries and is the city Giorgio Gucci originally hails from. With Giorgio G, Giorgio Gucci continues to live his family’s passion for fashion and style. Combining his sense of history with contemporary tastes, Giorgio G – captures the spirit of Italy with modern design and traditional manufacturing values. Each bag is made lovingly by the hands of trained craftsmen. We use the finest materials – our leather is from the best Italian tanneries, our silk is from Como. All over the world, people of style and grace own their Giorgio G with pride and pleasure.