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Leather wallets, belts, key fobs, and more

Leather accessories of the highest quality – great gifts for a man of style and elegance. Giorgio G has a range of small leather goods of surprising design and surpassing craftsmanship. Be it a traditional wallet, a sumptuous credit card holder, or one of the neat and natty key chains – a Giorgio G accessory is the kind of thing a man is happy to carry every day. Reliably durable and handmade of the finest materials, these are the little items a man ends up handling for years. They become intimate friends, and take on the patina of a man’s life. Giorgio G also has some leather wearables for men: beautiful belts, made with all the attention to detail you have rightfully come to expect from Giorgio G. For weekday or weekend, for jeans or suit, a Giorgio G belt is a subtle expression of confidence.

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