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  • COCO 250.00€

  • ENVOY 185.00€

When you see something you love, you want it. When you find something you desire, you take it.

When you spot a bargain, you pounce. Sometimes, just sometimes, we may have an item or two that we can offer to you at less than it is worth. After all, how do you put a price on what is priceless? How do you fix a sum for a thing of beauty? Our advice: browse through our online shop to find what you love and desire. When you make your purchase, add a small item from our sale as a little extra treat. Perhaps for yourself, perhaps for someone you love. It’ll make the anticipation all the sweeter while you wait for your package to rush through the mail to reach you. It’ll make that luscious moment of unpacking all the more exciting. Feeling fine has never been so easy. With a Giorgio G accessory.

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